Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives


As approved by the general meeting of members, February 2012


1 To promote the interests and welfare of members and their families and to ensure that veterans receive just compensation for their service in the armed forces.

2 To commemorate the service of all Australian Defence Force personnel past and present, especially those who paid the supreme sacrifice.

3 To provide opportunities for members and their families to socialise and take part in community activities.

4 To engage with the general community promoting the patriotic spirit of Anzac, providing information on our activities and encouraging membership of and interaction with the sub-Branch.


  1. (a) to provide a welfare officer to visit hospitals & nursing homes

(b) to provide a pension officer to assist with DVA assistance applications

(c) to establish a welfare committee to assess specific assistance applications

(d) to support Gumbuya club

  1. (a) to organise and promote appropriate services honouring fallen comrades and acknowledging the service of all veterans. Major commemorations include Anzac Day, VP Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, Remembrance Day

(b) to provide materials and support for the study of the history of the Australian Defence Forces

(c) to provide materials and support for the study and understanding of local memorials and the history of the sub-Branch

(d) to provide funds and support for the maintenance and preservation of war memorials and war records

  1. (a) to provide an appropriate place and opportunities for members to gather for social and sub-Branch occasions

(b) to encourage participation in sub-Branch activities by members

  1. (a) to interact with local authorities, civic leaders and the general public through appropriate media.

(b) to seek to recruit members to the sub-Branch from the ADF and the local area.